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grocery first


First and foremost, we're a grocery store with all your basics from milk and eggs to breakfast cereal to baking soda. We're committed to meeting our customers' basic grocery needs, while featuring 'best in class' product. Products produced locally or regionally generally take precedence in our store, but we carry products produced the world over--it's a commitment to the best that set's us apart from our competition and makes a product fit for our shelves. 

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Milk and eggs is our figurative bread & butter. We carry all your dairy (and alternative dairy ) staples--from more basic, organic brands to what we would consider to be the best brands available on the market, both domestically and internationally.


made in LA

LA has an incredibly rich food community and we strive for our store to be as dynamic as the city we live in. Since our inception, we have tried to represent the best brands, LA and California have to offer--a bit like what you might find at the local farmers' markets...but in our brick & mortar store.  



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personal & home care

We offer a curated selection of personal care products and home essentials to satisfy our customers' every need. Our personal care section spans toothpaste to under eye cream, ranging from small to (relatively) large natural brands. We understand that what goes on our body is as important as what goes in it. For the same reason, we offer an array of natural home care products that covers everything from fabric conditions, floor cleaners to good ole' t.p.