Persimmon Season is Coming to a Close -- Davis Family Farms in Sunny San Diego to the Rescue

Persimmon season typically runs from late October through the holiday season and this year we've been fortunate to keep our baskets full of the finest varieties from local growers including Peacock Family Farms in Dinuba, and Burkdoll in Visalia.   As the season winds down, we're delighted to bring back Sun Dried Persimmons from Davis Farms in San Diego.

These seasonal favorites were grown, hand-picked, hung whole, and personally delivered by the family's son. We learned that there is more to their artisan approach to preserving the fruit without any compromise on taste or texture, that being, his mother's real love for drying persimmons! The slow sun-drying process retains its natural sweetness and moisture, making them a chewy, caramel like treat.